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New Bern Reptiles

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Assorted Leopard Geckos

Assorted Tarantulas & Scorpions

Crested Geckos

Tangerine Honduran Milksnake

Western Hognose

Yellow Uromastyx 

Veiled Chameleon 

Blue Death Feigning Beetle 


Assorted Corn snakes


Russian, Sulcata, Redfoot 

Ball Pythons:

Banana Pied, Super Fire/Black Eye leucistic, Mojave, Enchi, Crystal, Banana, Banana Mojave, Pied, Albino Pinstripe)

Central American Boa

African Fat Tail Gecko

Blue Tongue Skink

Assorted Pacman Frogs

Vietnamese Centipede 

Striped California Kingsnake

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