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Bill's Pet Shop can special order a large variety of specialty Ball Pythons and other reptiles! Looking for something new and unique for your collection? Call us for a quote!! 252.637.3997 or 252.447.2750




New Bern Available Reptiles: Updated 12/15/22


Bearded Dragons

Assorted Leopard Geckos

Assorted Tarantulas & Scorpions

Rosy Boas

Yellow Uromastyx 

Blue Death Feigning Beetle

Hermit Crabs

Veiled Chameleon

Gargoyle Gecko


Assorted Corn snakes


Russian, Sulcata

Ball Pythons:

Mojave, Enchi, Banana Mojave, Pied)

Central American Boa

Vietnamese Centipede 

Children's Python


Something you're interested in that you dont see here?

Just ask! Shoot us an email or give us a call!

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