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Return Policy

There are no returns on products purchased over 30 days unless it is defective.  Only new items that have not been used and in original packaging (undamaged) and/or tag(s) may be returned for full credit.  Damages to packaging will result in a partial refund to be decided at the discretion of the manager on duty.

Refunds are only given if you have the original receipt.  If you paid with cash, you would receive cash back. Cash back amounts may require you to receive a check depending on the amount of the return.  Refunds for debit/credit cards must be returned to the same card that was used for the purchase and can take a few days for processing.

If you have lost the original receipt or do not have the card that was used to purchase the returned item, you can receive store credit towards another item.

All our dry dog/cat food is guaranteed, so if your dog/cat does not like it you are able to bring the opened bag back.  You can either get your money back or use what was spent towards a different brand or flavor.  The returned bag of food must be at least half full or more, and you must have your original receipt.

There is no guarantee on any of the dog toys or treats we sell.  You may be able to contact the manufacturer of the toy/treat, in which case they may be able to do something for you.

Live Animals cannot be returned for any reason. Most live animals have a 7-day health guarantee.  If a medical issue with the pet arises within a week of purchase, please contact us and we will go from there. A replacement animal will be given if conditions are met. Save your original receipt for proof of purchase from Bill’s. 

(Chameleons, Amphibians and Inverts DO NOT HAVE A HEALTH GUARANTEE)


Fish Guarantee: $10 Freshwater fish and under, and you’ve followed the advice of a Bill’s Pet Shop employee. (For example: You start a new tank and want to add 10 fish and we advise against it, but you do it anyways and they all die.  That is your fault, not ours. Resulting in no guarantee which will be written on your receipt.)  If a fish you purchased dies within 48 hours of purchase you must bring your receipt, the fish, and a SEPERATE sample of your water (for testing) to get a replacement fish.  We will test your water and if it tests fine, you will get a replacement.  If it does not, we will help you fix your water before replacing the fish.  There is no guarantee on fish over $10, and Saltwater fish.

E-Collars (Cone of Shame) have their own return policy posted where they are located, please read it.

Clothing and Sanitary Products: Must be returned within one week of purchase for refund or store credit. Sanitary products will not be returned if they have been used, and clothing will be kindly returned if they are not covered in hair or have an odor or stain.

Electronics: These are only returnable if the product itself is DEFECTIVE. If you have a stubborn dog and this product does not work for him/her, it is not returnable.

By completing your purchase you agree to our terms and conditions on returns.

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